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According to the texts stated above, a conclusion can be reached: the abuse of technology is leaving a negative impact on society. Both authors, though from different scenarios, have from personal experience recognized that technology is causing society to lack skills required on a daily basis. These skills include mental, communication, and physical capabilities. Kolesnikova’s experience as stated above was as a tutor and she discovered that the students were lacking basic communication/writing skills. On the other hand, Brende took a total opposite view and unusual approach. Although an MIT graduate, he decided to live in an Amish-type community with his family for 18 months without any technological advances. He came to realize that not using technology came to his benefit, and for those who were continually around technology, they seemed to be lacking multiple capabilities. While both took different approaches, the results were the same. To persuade the reader and leave a long lasting impression they also ended their essays with an appealing last sentence. Kolesnikova ended stating that both parents and teens either fight now or face a sentence-less future of the three letter word OMG (Kolesnikova, 624). Brende, on the other hand, stated something quite different, yet relevant to the impact of technology. He stated that in a world superabundant in gadgets and gizmos, the richest among us are those who have mastered the delicate art of thinning out the excess, making way for the expression of their full humanity


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