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本文提出单位的研究,在数学的主题,包括分数、小数和数字。本研究的目的和目标单位是确保单位是有效地教正确的材料。另一个目标或目的是确保老师采用的教学方法有助于激励学生理解和学习数学。另一个目标是确保老师有一个积极的态度面对他的教学,因为这将影响到学生积极。也是一个客观的这个单位来鼓励学生学习作为一个群体以及个人努力在理解数学的概念。最后一个目标,目标是确保教师了解背景的多样性和差异在理解能力的学生并相应地治疗。所需的材料和资源在这个单元分为三类法律制定的、象征性和标志性(Ediger 2003)。法律制定的材料是有形资源,给学生一个学习的经验。标志性的材料是音频视觉辅助,帮助学生通过听和看。象征性的材料是教科书和其他印刷材料,向学生解释了概念。在这个单位,老师需要相关的教科书必须由有关部门认证。其他资源,比如写卡片,粉笔,黑板,短片,物理对象喜欢芒果和任何其他相关材料根据类的学生。牌必须用不同的颜色和不同的颜色的物理对象还必须让学生的学习兴趣。


In this paper is a proposed unit of study in the subject of mathematics, involving fractions, decimals and percents. The goals and objectives of this study unit is to ensure that the unit is taught effectively with the right material. The other goal or objective is to ensure that the teaching methods applied by the teacher serves to motivate the students to understand and learn mathematics. Another objective is to ensure that the teacher has a positive attitude towards what he is teaching because this will influence the students positively. It is also an objective of this unit to encourage students learn as a group as well as to put individual efforts in understanding the concepts of mathematics. The last goal and objective is to ensure that teachers understand the diversity of background and difference in understanding capacities of students and treat them accordingly.The materials and resources needed in this unit are divided into three categories which are enactive, symbolic and iconic (Ediger 2003). Enactive materials are the tangible resources that give students a hands on experience in learning. The iconic materials are the audio visual aids that help the students by hearing and seeing. The symbolic materials are the textbooks and other printed material that explains the concepts to the students. In this unit, the teacher requires relevant textbooks which must be certified by the relevant authorities. Other resources like written cards, pieces of chalk, blackboard, short film, physical objects like mangoes and any other relevant material according to the class of the students. The cards must be written in different colors and the physical objects must also be of different colors to make learning interesting for the students.


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