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我们花时间最多的人对我们的语言和我们的身份有着最大的影响。根据贝克(2006,pg 136)A6的说法,“我们构建了自己的身份,但它们是由他人、情境和对我们的影响所造成的。”“每个人都有多重社会身份,这取决于群体和与他人的互动。学习第二语言会受到我们与他人互动的影响,并帮助我们在一个社会群体中找到一个声音。不仅如此,它还不仅仅是获得词汇和语法,它是关于被相信和被尊重的,因为语言是关于我们的价值观和知识的。我们的语言有很多层次,当我们第一次学会说话的时候,我们说话的方式和我们周围的人一样。在这个阶段引入第二种语言可以鼓励孩子更快地学习语言,同时学习他们的第一语言。在这节课中,我们讨论了年龄和第二语言习得的问题。在第二语言习得中,较年轻的学习者在第二语言习得中既不成功,也不太成功。然而,在儿童中学习第二语言的孩子,其能力水平往往比那些从小就开始学习的孩子要高。尽管长时间的接触是学习第二语言的一个重要因素,在正式的课堂环境中,年长的学习者比年轻的学习者学习得更快。在早期,第二语言习得依赖于教师为孩子提供适当的材料和资源,并确保学习是令人愉快的。作为一名小学教师,重要的是要让我的学生通过诸如歌曲等资源来学习第二语言,这样他们更容易记住我教给他们的东西,而且他们更有可能参与到这个课程中来。


The people that we spend the most time with have the biggest influence on our language and our identity. According to Baker (2006, pg 136) [A6]”we construct our identities yet they are created and confined by other people, situations and influences on us.” Everyone forms multiple social identities depending on the group and interactions with other people. Learning a second language is affected by our interactions with others and helps us to find a voice within a social group. As well as this, it is more than just gaining vocabulary and grammar, it is about being believed and being respected as language says things about our values and knowledge. There are many layers to our language and when we first learn to speak, we speak in the same ways as those around us. Introducing a second language at this stage can encourage a child to acquire the language quicker while learning it alongside their first language.During this lecture, we discussed the issues around age and second language acquisition. Younger learners are neither more nor less successful in second language acquisition than older learners however children who learn a second language in child do tend to achieve higher capability levels than those who begin after childhood. Even though length of exposure is an important factor in learning a second language, in a formal classroom setting, older learners tend to learn quicker than younger learners do.  In the early years, second language acquisition is dependent on the teacher providing suitable materials and resources to children and ensuring that learning is enjoyable. As a primary teacher, it is important to make learning a second language more enjoyable for my pupils through resources such as songs etc. By doing so, they are more likely to remember what I have taught them and they are more likely to be engaged in the lesson.


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