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从教育法案》(1981)和教育(NI)订单(1986)政府已经计划对包含稳步发展。这需要所有的孩子应该获得一个基本的但是质量好的教育——(•弗雷德里克森& Cline,2002)。有证据表明,孩子们能适当的进展在主流环境如果特定课程的分化和教学策略被录用(Manset &塞梅尔,1997)。福克斯伍德庄园的包容,这是坚持的个人项目是每个孩子的需要,而不是试图适应严格的程序或课程,不符合他们的最大利益。学生多样性是需要占为了成功包含发生。Wedell(1995)也报告说,严格的教学方法和规则,只有满足正常发展的学生可能会导致问题与参议员当地教育部门对学生(草原)现在有抱负的解释1为什么孩子的需求不能满足在主流学校如果他们有森,为什么包含离不开干扰到其他孩子的教育3和为什么它包含将强调资源描述很复杂,为学校提供的资源。一些人暗示的概念包含延伸超过简单的集成。是人们认为导致re-conceptualisation修订的“特殊需要”。如果困难学生所认可,它更有可能取得进展。一致的那些参与孩子的之间的通信集成到新学校认可了福克斯伍德庄园包含项目是必要的。通过保持符合残疾的社会模式的福克斯伍德庄园包含团队能够避免标签或诊断像残疾的医疗模式,主流类、前和在第一阶段引入学生的森学校,被提供了一个同伴准备方案。这包括车间活动是由一个包容的团队成员和班主任。这为学生提供信息帮助他们支持交互向森的孩子。


From the Education Act (1981) and the Education (NI) Order (1986) the government had been planning a steady progression towards inclusion. This entails that all children should have access to a basic but good quality education- (Frederickson & Cline, 2002.) There is evidence that children can make appropriate progress in a mainstream setting if specific curriculum differentiation and teaching strategies are employed (Manset & Semmel, 1997). In the Foxwood inclusion, this was adhered to as the individual programs were developed for the needs of each child instead of them trying to fit into a rigid program or curriculum that would not serve their best interest. Pupil diversity is something which needs to be accounted for in order for successful inclusion to occur. Wedell (1995) also reported that rigid teaching methods and rules that only cater for typically developing students may cause issues for students with SEN. Local education authorities (LEAs) are now aspiring to explain 1why a child’s needs cannot be met in mainstream schools if they have SEN, 2 why inclusion cannot be achieved without the interference to other children’s education 3and why inclusion puts stress on resources portraying it to be complicated to provide schools with resources. Some have implied that the notion of inclusion extends further than simple integration. It is people’s revised thinking that has led to a re-conceptualisation of “special needs”. If difficulties had by the pupils are recognized, it makes progress more likely. Consistent communication between those involved in the child’s integration into the new school was recognised by the Foxwood inclusion programme as being imperative. By keeping in line with the social model of disability the Foxwood inclusion team were able to refrain from labelling or diagnosing like the medical model of disability, the Mainstream classes, preceding and during the first stages of introduction of pupils from the SEN school, were provided with a peer preparation package. This included workshop activities which were held by an inclusion team member and also the class teacher. This provided the students with information to aid their supportive interactions towards the children with SEN.


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