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在上个世纪,美国经历了大的改变对家庭作业,父母和老师的信念。在本世纪早期,社会比现在有很大的改变。孩子不去学校每天放学后和年长的孩子需要工作来支持他们的家庭。家庭作业是不被认为是重要的(沃特罗特说道,2009年,p . 3)。在1930年代,甚至有一个运动创造了对作业。学会废除作业和学区成立全国投票反对家庭作业的学生(沃特罗特说道,2009页)。家庭作业被视为童工。来回的观点将改变整个世纪,下降符合社会和时代的规范。今天,学生和教师的期望远高于他们一个世纪前。每一个州和学区都是在学生成绩最好的竞争。美国政府创造了“不让一个孩子掉队”和政府争夺有钱能使老师的工作比以前更加困难。教师感到比以往更大的压力。他们觉得没有足够的时间在学校一天教他们的学生需要知道什么。给作业提供孩子们更多的机会实践技能,和有更多的学习时间(2009年沃特罗特说道,第19)。对教师来说,是一种延长学时学校没有额外成本。


Over the last century, the United States has seen big changes in the beliefs about homework by both parents and teachers. In the early part of the century, society was a lot different than it is now. Children did not go to school every day and the older children needed to work after school to help support their family. Homework was not considered important (Vatterott, 2009, p. 3). In the 1930’s, there was even a movement created against homework. The Society for the Abolishment of Homework was formed and school districts across the country voted against homework for its students (Vatterott, 2009, p.4). Homework was seen as child labor. The view point would change back and forth throughout the century, falling in line with society and the norms of the times at hand.Today, the expectations of students and teachers are much higher than they were a century ago. Every state and school district is competing to be the best in student achievement. The United States government creating “No Child Left Behind” and state governments battling for money makes the work on the teacher much harder than it once was. Teachers are feeling more pressure than ever. They feel there are not enough hours in the school day to teach what their students need to know. Giving homework provides children more opportunities to practice skills, and have more learning time (Vatterott, 2009, p.2). It is a way for teachers to extend the school day with no additional cost to the school.


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