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切·格瓦拉的一生是一个充满争议的人生,因此他必须把重点放在质疑他在国际革命英雄和理想的万神殿中所具有的意义上。格瓦拉完全致力于革命斗争创造一个“新人”和一个公正/社会秩序,继续激励那些反对社会不公的人。在此,我们必须研究这些理想如何影响后格瓦拉的现代社会人口。格瓦拉也成为了一个受欢迎的象征,而他的形象常常与建造它的传说分离开来。因此,人们必须评估他的“形象”如何以及为何成为当代流行文化的主流,以及市场化的面貌。不同的历史学家对这个特定的问题产生了不同的答案。在论文中,探讨了这些主张的力量,试图解决格瓦拉是否成功的问题,但也探讨了来源本身- -他们的动机、影响和展望- -以确保不同的历史观点不是简单的描述,而是评价。这个焦点问题是历史和史学的综合。


The life of Che Guevara was one of controversy and thereby one must place emphasis into questioning the significance he holds in the pantheon of international revolutionary heroes and ideals. Guevara made a complete commitment to the revolutionary struggle to create a “new man” and a just/social order that continues to inspire those who struggle against social injustice. Herewith, one must investigate how these ideals impact on the post-Guevara population of modern-day society. Guevara has also become a popular symbol while his image is too often dissociated from the legend that built it. With this, one must evaluate how and why his “image” has become a dominant face of contemporary popular culture, as well as the face of marketisation. Different historians have produced varying answers to the specific question. In the thesis, the strength of these claims is explored in an attempt to resolve the issue of whether Guevara succeeded or not, but the sources themselves – their motivation, influences and perspective – are also explored to ensure that the different historical perspectives are not simply described, but evaluated. This focus question is resultantly a mix of history and historiography.


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