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Wikileaks is an media organization working on a non profit model with the motive of bringing unbiased important information and news to the public without any govt barrier. Wikileaks also publishes original news provident relevant data for readers and historians as well. Wikileaks relies on data provided by vigilant and active group of volunteers who provide data to Wikileaks through secured channel. Wikileaks has been under constant attack from various governmental organisations to suppress the senstitive information from passing onto the hands of the general population. Wikileaks is a live example of the optimum usage of the fundamental right of freedom to speech to provide information to whole world through public collaboration irrespective of the regional disparity among the volunteers. Wikileaks work on the foundation principle of Universal declaration of human rights.


Scrutiny of Data – Modern technology based methods like forensic analysis, forgery costs and sending teams to sites are some of the methods employed to verify the authenticity of the data. In the case of leak of almost 400,000 US Army reports from the Iraq war covering events from Iraq war from 2004 to 2009 containing classified data. Wikileaks sent its own team to verify the authenticity of the reports before making it public. This sets a completely new standard for journalism.

Data Indexing – the content on Wikileaks can be easily searched with are indexed on the basis of geographic metadata like maps, textual metadata, comments by users, context based like Guardian, user generated ranking for new content etc. The content on the website can only be published and edited by team of experts and journalists and not by common public to maintain the sanctity of the news information.