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浅层学习让孩子发展银行通过背诵和老师的交付通常事实复制知识,同时深入学习提供了孩子的理解,因此传输的内容的影响。深刻的学习者能够吸收知识和反思它和他们的学习方法。教师要与学生讨论以确保得出的结论(认识)是正确的:孩子能解释、证明和记录的事实。深刻的学习允许孩子开始自我意识的发展,作为一个独特的实体,能够自我影响的增长机制(类似马斯洛的自我实现的理论可以在这里绘制)。深刻的学习给予潜在的成就感和建设性的成功和失败的评价。在这方面,教师应该教导道德,并努力发展一个不可估量的自信水平,提供的方式,提供最大的利益,为每个孩子。 作为今天的青年经历了一个广泛的文化和社会的影响有必要教技能超越浅层学习使成人(作为他们的童年经历产品)是适应和顺应大量与广泛的信念,即人作为社会舆论的扩大,儿童发展的需要更高层次的思想的复杂性,使他们能够灵活的信念和行为人作为他们的文化产品(涉及18)。因此,在我们的学校里,鼓励教师融入他人的角色是恰当的。


Shallow learning allows the child to develop a bank of knowledge through memorisation and replication of facts normally delivered by the teacher, whilst deep learning affords the child an understanding of the meaning and therefore impact of the delivered content. Deep learners are able to absorb knowledge and reflect on it and their method of learning. The teacher must engage in discussion with the learner to ensure that the conclusion drawn (and understanding) is correct e.g. can the child explain, justify and contextualise facts. Profound learning allows the child to begin the development of a sense of self as a unique entity capable of self-influence as a growth mechanism (similarity to Maslow’s theory of self-actualization can be drawn here). Profound learning gives perception of potential for achievement and constructive evaluation of success and failure. In this regard the teacher should teach about morality and strive to develop an immeasurable level of self-confidence, delivered in a way which serves to provide maximum benefit for each child.
As the youth of today experiences a wide cultural and social influence it is necessary to teach skills beyond shallow learning which allow the adult (as a product of their childhood experience) to be adaptable and responsive to a wide number of people with a wide number of beliefs i.e. as the consensus of societal opinion widens, children need to develop a greater level of complexity of thought which allows them to be flexible to the beliefs and behaviours of others as a product of their culture (Relates to Q18). For this reason, it is appropriate to encourage inclusion in our schools, where teachers inspire the value of others as a role model.

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