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During childhood, the child tends to learn best using a single learning style. With age and experience, the child tends to gain the capacity to learn in many ways because of the ability to adapt to new challenges and environments. Alternatively, this ability is perhaps the product of an enhanced understanding regarding ways to gain information via another learning style. By becoming an effective learner the child can become more flexible, adaptable and gain the information they need to achieve the learning goals in more ways than one. Similarly it becomes possible for the child to adopt a number of strategies which can be used to solve problems.When planning for the class-room it is important to make sure that there are opportunities for all types of learner to be able to learn in their optimum way and achieve their potential (Relates to Q23). It is essential to ensure that everyone is concentrating on the task and is therefore able to take in the information (Relates to Q10). Changing the activities to suit auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learners also breaks the lesson into sections, preventing loss of attention, as children appear to struggle to concentrate for longer than 10 minutes.

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