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英国管理学作业代写 古典方法

古典方法是最早被运用于管理的方法,它是在最初努力建立一套行政思想的基础上产生的。这种方法强调健全和使组织雇员更精通他们的活动。此外,它提供了一个方便的结构,使未来的管理者能够进行他们的教育和培训(Freeman, 2010)。管理人员通过努力提高组织效率来利用这种方法,从而提高组织的生产。这种方法可以分为三个主要的特殊领域;较低层次的管理分析/科学管理、管理的综合分析和官僚管理(DuBrin, 2011)。经典方法从上述方法的三个基本目的出发,对管理理论的发展做出了巨大的贡献。科学方法主要用于较低层次的管理,它是一个过程,包括调查一个企业环境如何能够组织起来,从员工那里获得最高的产量(Goetsch & Davis, 2014)。通过找到一个最好的方法,工人将能够集中精力完成一项任务,这将导致高产量。另一方面,行政管理理论则是通过对管理的综合分析来关注组织效率。这种方法帮助组织节省了运营成本,从而实现了利润的增长。官僚管理理论对组织管理也有一定的贡献,因为它侧重于组织的正式制度,这些组织的作用和等级在等级性质中有明确的规定,其目的是保持效率和效力。通过对经典方法的三个不同分支所发挥的作用的考察,我们可以得出结论,该方法具有管理标准的包容性,并最终发展成为管理理论。

英国管理学作业代写 古典方法

Classical approach was the first one to be adopted in management and it resulted from the initial efforts to build up an assemblage of administration thought. The approach accentuated on soundness and making organizational employees more proficient in their activities. Moreover, it offers a convenient structure that enables the future managers to conduct their education and training (Freeman, 2010). Managers utilized this approach by striving to increase organizational efficiency that will lead to an increase in organizational production. This approach can be separated into three principle particular areas; lower level management analysis/scientific management, comprehensive analysis of management, and bureaucratic management (DuBrin, 2011). Classical approach has made huge commitments to the advancement of management theories by taking into viewpoint the three essential purposes from the above mentioned subdivisions of the approach.The scientific approach was mostly adopted in lower level management and is a process, which involves investigating how an undertaking circumstance can be organized to get the highest production from employees (Goetsch & Davis, 2014). By finding one best way, workers will be able to concentrate when performing a task and this results to a high production. Administrative management theory, on the other hand, was utilized since it focuses on organizational efficiency through a comprehensive analysis of the management. This approach has helped organizations to save on the operational costs, thus realizing increased profits. The bureaucratic management theory also had some contribution in organizational management since it focuses on the formal system of organizations whose role and levels are clearly defined in a hierarchical nature with the aim of maintaining efficiency and effectiveness. By considering the roles played by the three distinct subdivisions of the classical approach, it can be concluded that this approach featured the inclusive character of management standards, which later turned into management theories.


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