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This paper aims to look closer at the UAE education system and how curriculum in general and English in particular has encountered different changes across the history of education since the announcement of the UAE Union in 1971. A thorough investigation as well as documents trace will be listed and addressed. It was really a risky mission for the writer to tackle such a topic and investigate due to the lack of resources and published research papers. However, he felt it was such a good chance to follow the education reform and list down what he came across right from the beginning of initiating the Ministry of Education up till the declaration of the new trends of some Emirates Education Councils. Throughout the whole process of the education reform, K to 12 programs, the education system has been seeking to ensure that UAE students are fully prepared to join worldwide universities and compete in the global marketplace. All the education reform process has been targeted to rain the education standards in the country so some of the world’s best universities are creating programs in the UAE, attracting talented students in the Arab world and globally. The main focus is to have an independent learner and a global education which enables UAE secondary schools graduate students to join international schools and colleges without any prerequisites. The researcher did everything possible to clarify the aims behind the process of the education reform and up to his knowledge all the information are up to date.


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