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The living standard of society rose by the improvement of the education, which allowed more people learned about society form and developed new ideas of social classes. Before all of the changes, children in Britain couldn’t attend to school like nowadays. The low population density gave a hard choice for the principle to build a school in a certain place. Some children needed to take a long time for getting the school, furthermore, this caused some children lost the opportunity of study. As a result, children went to the factories and lose the chance of study, which also decrease literacy rate. In spite of the bad result in the beginning of the revolution, it started to change from the increasing of the literacy rate of middle class or upper class in Britain, one of the reason is the mortality rate decreased, because the improvement of the medical facilities (Simon). According to rising of the population, more schools were built up around 1700s to 1800s. In around 1710 to 1720, Great Britain even got about three hundred schools were established (chant). From the Industrial Revolution, more people realized the changing of the ages and the importance of education. Parents tried to send their children to school and let them received an official education, because they knew the new technology was going to replace the agricultural, and their old ways of working (Bulter). The new education brought more people into middle class. Some of the parents even sent their children to other countries for studied or worked under other companies or factories, the parents hoped their children could learn more, and by the chance they might got the right to work for the factories or companies while they grow up (European). The improvement of education helped more people understand their position in the society.


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