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英国护理essay代写 21个护理问题理论


英国护理essay代写 21个护理问题理论

This theory was projected to influence and direct nursing to care for patients in the hospital, but it can also be applied to patients in clinics, the community and nursing school clinical settings . The theory has a broad scope that encompasses the nursing care for patients whether they are acutely ill, healthy or has a terminal diagnosis. Having a broad scope, in theory, gives it the ability to assist nurses in education but also in their nursing practice when it was developed and still today .The context of this theory is clear and understandable. The theory includes the context that is all nursing related and as the central concept with the focus of patient-centered care while using nursing-centered skills (Abdellah, 1972). The theory derived from the problem-solving method that enables nurses to assist the patient in a healthier state. The downside to the theory is that the importance is nonexistent on what the patient is to achieve when the theory is used clearly. The content of the 21 nursing problems theory is clear and easy to follow. The content includes the list of 21 nursing problems, ten steps of how to identify the nursing problems and eleven nursing skills nursing needs to be able to identify those problems (Petiprin, 2016). All the terms defined in theory are consistent. The content focuses on the current nursing practice with the possibility of future patient problems. The content of the theory has highly concentrated nurse-centered direction which places the patient-centered context on the back burner.


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