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The essential part of the circulatory system is the heart. In other words, any organism cannot live without this organ properly functioning. The duties and mechanisms of these functions must be performed correctly or else there could be potential serious consequences to the rest of the body. When the human heart has failing left and right ventricles, then they can be replaced by a temporary Total Artificial Heart (TAH). It then becomes a critical point to make sure that this machine entering the body can perform safely and in a healthy manner that will not put the rest of the internal organs at risk for damage or failure. Through physics concepts like, observation of Ohm’s Law, pressure, flow rate, flow rate-pressure relationship, and Boyles Law; surgeons and medical experts are able to then observe, protect, and coordinate the adaptability of the temporary Total Artificial Heart with each of the individual patient’s lifestyle. Similarly, to any other kind of transplant of a foreign object into the body, there can be negative outcomes or side effects that come along, but this gives patients another option and more time. This has become another milestone within the medical world and medical history due to the fact that those who are on the verge of dying of biventricular heart failure no longer need to risk and wait to have a transplant of a real full heart but instead can choose to receive the TAH.


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