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英国健康学essay代写 脊柱裂

被忽略的影响约。在爱尔兰,每1000例怀孕中就有1例,相当于每年75例。脊柱裂是最常见的,占所有NTDs的51%。NTDs是严重的出生缺陷,是主要的死亡和发病率的原因,特别是在儿童。在怀孕前和怀孕期间摄入足够的叶酸可以预防高达70%的神经管疾病,如脊柱裂。为了确保神经管正确关闭,需要摄入足够的叶酸。有证据表明,在爱尔兰,妇女没有从食物中获得足够的叶酸(NANS, 2011)。单从饮食中获取推荐量的叶酸是很困难的,因此建议补充叶酸。这使人们注意到爱尔兰可能需要一项强制性的叶酸强化政策。建议所有育龄妇女谁是性活跃应该补充叶酸(400μg)每天帮助预防婴儿神经管缺陷(被忽略)。这是最重要的至少4周之前的概念和在怀孕的前12周。女性产下一个婴儿被忽视的热带病,糖尿病,肥胖或有家族史的4000年“NTDs应该规定一个补充”μg的叶酸怀孕前至少4周第一怀孕16周,帮助一个被忽视的热带病复发的预防。大多数女性在5周(35天)后开始服用叶酸,这意味着为时已晚,因为神经管关闭通常在第28天完成。爱尔兰缺乏关于补充叶酸重要性的教育。不严格遵守叶酸建议会增加罹患NTDs的风险。目前,据估计,在爱尔兰,只有36%的育龄妇女血液中的叶酸水平足以最佳地预防NTDs (FSAI, 2016)。这一证据表明,也许应该在爱尔兰实施强制性的叶酸强化政策。

英国健康学essay代写 脊柱裂

NTDs affect approx. 1 in 1000 pregnancies in Ireland, this equates to about 75 cases per year. Spina bifida is the most common, it accounts for 51% of all NTDs. NTDs are serious birth defects and are major causes of mortality & morbidity especially in childhood. Adequate folic acid intake before conception and during pregnancy can prevent up to 70% of NTDs such as spina bifida. A satisfactory level of folic acid is required to ensure the neural tube closes correctly. There is evidence to show that in Ireland, women do not get enough folic acid from foods (NANS, 2011). It is difficult to get the recommended amount of folate from diet alone, as a result of this a folic acid supplement is recommended. This brings attention to the possible need for a mandatory folic acid fortification policy in Ireland. It is recommended that all women of childbearing age who are sexually active should take a folic acid supplement (400μg) every day to help prevent neural tube defects (NTDs) in babies. This is paramount for at least 4 weeks prior to conception and during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Women who have given birth to an infant with an NTD, who are diabetic, obese or have a family history of NTDs should be prescribed a supplement of 4000μg of folic acid at least 4 weeks prior to conception and for the first 16 weeks of pregnancy to aid in the prevention of an NTD recurrence. Most women start taking folic acid after 5 weeks (35 days), which means it is too late as neural tube closure is usually complete by day 28. There is a lack of education in Ireland regarding the importance of folic acid supplementation. Poor compliance with folic acid recommendations increases the risk of the development of NTDs. It is currently estimated that only 36% of women of childbearing age in Ireland have blood folate levels that are adequate for optimal protection against NTDs (FSAI, 2016). This evidence shows that perhaps there should be a mandatory folic acid fortification policy put in place in Ireland.

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