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领导的最重要的特征是一个人的个性。有不同的领导风格取决于个人的性格。独裁领导人直接员工对任务需要完成,不相信员工授权。这种风格的典型属性称为独裁,控制和专横的。参与型领导相信贡献的员工在做决定。口述他们提供指导,而不是如何完成任务。Delegative(自由放任)领导方式给予员工以完成授权(Eagly,Johannesen-Schmidt & van企业,2003)。员工可以自由做出自己的决定。生产力水平的风格,在我看来,肯定比任何其他较小的领导风格。参与和民主领导方式适合我的天性和能力。我相信每一个团队成员参与决策的过程。在团队中每个人都为团队而不是他或她的工作。其他团队的反馈是非常重要的,努力实现目标。这种风格的领导构建一个环境,是建立在相互信任和信心。但有时为了提高生产力,环境需要独裁领袖。提高产量和工作的质量和维护一个健康的工作环境,我认为我需要找到一些独裁和民主领导方式之间的平衡。这将帮助我成为一个更好的领导人,达到我的目标。


Leadership is the most significant characteristic of an individual’s personality. There are different styles of leadership depending on the personality of the individual. Authoritarian leaders direct their employees towards task that needs to be done and do not believe in employee empowerment. The typical attributes of this style are termed as dictatorial, controlling and bossy. Participative leaders believe in contribution of employees during making the decisions. They give guidance rather than dictations on how to do a task. Delegative (Laissez-Faire) style of leadership gives complete empowerment to the employees (Eagly, Johannesen-Schmidt & van Engen, 2003). Employees are free to make their own decisions. Productivity level for this style, in my opinion, must be lesser than any other style of leadership.Participative or democratic style of leadership suits my nature and abilities best. I believe in involvement of every single team member in the process of decision making. In teams everyone works for the team rather than him or herself. Feedback of the rest of the team is very important to work towards achieving the goals. This style of leadership builds an environment that is based on mutual trust and confidence. But sometimes to improve the productivity, circumstances require the leader to be authoritarian. To improve the output and the quality of the work and maintain a healthy work environment I think that I need to find some balance between authoritarian and democratic style of leadership. This will facilitate me in being a better leader and attaining my goals.


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