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Teaching role has some Boundaries include making telephone calls to learners but not harassing them, getting overfriendly with learners and getting personal with learners. They should not get involved emotionally and always keep contact only on a professional level .Teachers and other professionals have their own role to play side by side in their boundaries like IT, Admin., and other support staff has specific roles to play within your training centre or wherever you might deliver professional courses. If you had problems with projectors, laptops and other IT equipment within an organisation, you would not undertake repairs yourself but would consult with an IT expert within the organisation. Specific Health and Safety issues might be forwards to a Health and Safety Executive or Fire Officer. You might teach but not be allowed to assess your learners to ensure the objectivity and impartiality of assessments. Independent assessors might be required for some assessments. You also might assess but would not internally or externally verify your own assessments. Although inclusion is about supporting learners’ needs, it is not always possible for teachers to do this without support themselves. You should be aware of the limits of your responsibility and know when and where to access support both for yourself and your learners

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