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在美国和世界各地的大多数美国人和战争历史学家、学者和研究人员的心目中,冲绳战役仍在继续。除了在美国军队中最激烈的战斗之外,在战争中,这个国家也有很高的伤亡记录。有人指出,美国在冲绳的损失如此之重,以至于国会要求对美军指挥官的行为进行调查(Ryan,2007,p.80)。这一情况进一步恶化,因为在六周后(p . 80)的决定中,这场战争的费用,包括生命、时间和材料,都严重影响了对日本使用原子弹的决定。值得注意的是,没有彻底的情报报告显示有关冲绳的情况。因此,这个岛受到美国军方的轻视,不管它是攻击日本大陆的一个关键问题。因此,国会的调查是为了调查在这场战斗中伤亡惨重的原因和降低的军事成本。据估计,在某一时刻,有一名美国军人牺牲,六名日本人丧生。


The Battle of Okinawa still lingers in the minds of most Americans and war historians, scholars and researchers in the United States and across the globe. Apart from being among the fiercest battles which involved the United States military, it was also among the war engagement in which this nation recorded a very high level of casualties. It has been noted that the American losses at Okinawa were so heavy as to bring Congressional calls for an investigation into the conduct of the American military commanders (Ryan, 2007, p.80). This was further worsened by the fact that the cost of this battle in terms of lives, time and material weighed heavily in the decision to use the atomic bomb against Japan just six weeks later (p.80). It is important to note that there were no thorough intelligence reports which revealed much concerning Okinawa. As a result of this, this island was treated lightly by the United States military, irrespective of the fact that it was a critical point in attacking the Japan’s mainland. Therefore, the Congressional Investigations were to examine the cause of high casualty levels and the deflated military costs during this battle. It is estimated that at one point, there was one United States military casualty for six Japanese who were killed.


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