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This can be unsafe for women involved because of the sexually transmitted diseases that can be contracted, as well, the violent acts that a woman has the potential to face. According to the UNICEF organization, hundreds of thousands of people in developing countries are victimized by gangs that organize and work in the sex industry.[6] When sex slaves want a way out, it is often too difficult and they are not released by their bosses. Since women want to provide their children with food and offer them a better life, they often feel as if they have no other choice, due to their lack of qualifications. Moreover, evidence indicates that secondary school completion is one of the most important preventive investments a country can make in at-risk youth, both in terms of improving their education and reducing nearly all kinds of risky behaviour, including crime and violence.[7] Persons around the world who do not obtain adequate education resort to easy money such as drug trafficking. Drug trafficking has been proven to increase homicide rates in Central America and is a key component in conflict within some regions. For instance, neighbourhoods that experience drug trafficking are more likely to experience crime than areas that prohibit this type of activity. Regardless of the violence and wars, drug trafficking causes the illegal drug industry grosses billions of dollars annually, people put their lives in danger to make a decent living, by the cause of an absence in education in their youth. Youth violence and gangs are a critical concern, males between the ages of fifteen and thirty four account for the overwhelming majority of homicide victims. There are “more than 900 gangs operating in Central America today with an estimated 70, 000 members.”


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