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英国教育学essay代写 语言学校

从其他机构或语言学校进入这个班,学生必须在雅思考试中取得5.5或更高的成绩,或在剑桥英语考试中取得170(约)分,或在托福考试中取得46分或更高的成绩。卡普兰的课程在语言、文化、宗教和年龄方面几乎总是多样化的。一旦被录取,学生就会被分配到现有的各个班级,而这些班级的分配主要是基于他们的母语:每个班级的分配必须是均等的,因此,比如说,在一个班级里没有绝大多数讲阿拉伯语的学生,在另一个班级里也没有绝大多数讲阿拉伯语的学生。这种方法保证了对其他语言学生的公平,因为课堂语言总是统一的:必须是英语。这个类具体来说,有两个扬声器的中国人,2日本,韩国,法国1,1巴西葡萄牙语,1 KSA阿拉伯语,1土耳其、阿塞拜疆土耳其(1和2俄语,德语,哈萨克斯坦,1波兰1亚美尼亚:这些学生没有评估时他们后来,不在进行观察)。共有16名学生,其中6人参加了教师创造测验。正如调查结果所显示的那样,他们都不是以英语为母语的人,年龄从18岁到36岁不等。卡普兰利用自己的书籍,工作簿,评估工具(风筝)和IWBs(智能板智能笔记幻灯片)。这本书包括实践的所有技能提出。此外,教师还可以使用其他配套的书籍和资料。这门课还辅以印刷的讲义和基于互联网的互动活动。我观察了来自A循环的2号单元(10.25.17)和来自B循环的4号单元(11.03.17)。为了了解这门课是如何运作的,以及对学生来说有哪些优点和缺点,我几乎每天下班后都会花一个小时和老师在一起(在老师的房间里)。她为我提供了关于如何构建测试、使用什么材料和选择什么类型任务的宝贵信息。她建议我坚持课堂课程,并创建一个综合测试,以准确评估她在课堂上所涵盖的内容。

英国教育学essay代写 语言学校

To be admitted to this class from another institution or language school, the students have to have 5.5 or higher in IELTS test, or 170 (approximately) from Cambridge English, or TOEFL score of 46 or higher.The classes at Kaplan are almost always diverse in terms of languages spoken, culture, religion, and age. Upon acceptance students get distributed throughout existing classes mostly based on their native language: every class must have even distribution, so the there are no overwhelming majority of, say, Arabic speakers in one class and no Arabic speakers in another. This method ensures the fairness towards students with other language, as there is always uniformity in classroom language: it must be English.For this class specifically, there were 2 speakers of Chinese, 2 Japanese, 1 Korean, 1 French, 1 Brazilian Portuguese, 1 KSA Arabic, 1 Turkish, 1 Azerbaijani Turkish (and 2 Russian, 1 German, 1 Kazakh, 1 Polish, 1 Armenian: these students were not assessed as they came later and were not present when the observation was conducted). Totally, 16 students, 6 of which took teacher created test. As the contingent shows, all of them were non-native speakers of English, ranging from 18-36 years old. Kaplan utilizes its own books, workbooks, assessment tools (KITE) and IWBs (Smart Board Smart Note slides). The book includes practice for all skills presented. There are other accompanying books and materials that the instructor may use. The class was also supplemented with printed handouts and internet-based interactive activities. I observed unit 2 from Cycle A (10.25.17) and unit 4 from Cycle B (11.03.17). To understand how the class works and what the strengths and weakness are for the students, I spent nearly an hour with the teacher almost every day after work (in the teachers’ room). She provided me with valuable information on how to construct the test, what materials to use and what types of tasks to choose. She suggested that I stick to the class curriculum and create an integrated test to precisely assess what she covered in the class.


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