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In Pakistan presently the institution are following two kinds of education systems, one being private sector and the other government sector. These two sectors cater the needs of the general public. Education system of private sector is more than satisfactory as they provide good teaching staff to their students and the syllabus they teach is also satisfactory. They also provide necessary extracurricular activities to their students. But the real problem is with the public or government sector’s education as they neither have efficient teaching staff nor they have teachers which are well qualified for the job, and I think that is the biggest problem of them all, then the syllabus and the courses are not up to the mark. There are no extracurricular activities in public sector too. Apart from these differences, there is a contrast in teaching style and teacher’s behavior. Teachers are friendlier with their students in private institutes. In these institutes, students are able to learn more with more comfort. On the other hand this type of behavior is not common in public sector. A report published in the Journal of Human Resources says that “School quality was found to have mixed effects on student achievement. However, in keeping with the estimates of school choice reported in this paper, high pupil-teacher ratios were found to have a uniform negative effect on student achievement, with the effect being particularly pronounced on language skills. This is also consistent with the large negative effect of pupil-teacher ratios on probability of selecting government schools. Finally, private schools were found to have better outcomes than government schools.” (Harold Aldermana Peter F. Orazemb Elizabeth M. Paternoc (2001)). Due to this large difference between these two sectors, a common man cares about his children and do not allow the children to be admitted in the government sector. By admitting their child in private sector, most of the people are more satisfied about the future of their children.


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