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在过去,教育仅限于只有伊斯兰学校。最近公共教育从小学教育到高等教育非常可用的所有公民和免费提供。1989年超过14000的教育机构,包括大学教师培训学校,成人识字率以及特殊需求?研究设施,政府提供的医疗保健服务学生。1996年约有61.1%的儿童在学校。2007年89.0%的成人都识字,识字人口98.1%的男性青年年龄(15 – 24)和96%的女青年




In the past, education was limited to only Islamic school. Recently public education from primary education to tertiary education is very much available to all citizens and provided for free. In 1989 more than 14,000 education institution, which includes universities, teachers training college, adult literacy as well as special needs? Study facilities, health care services were provided by the government for student. In 1996 about 61.1% of children were in school. In 2007 89.0% of adult were literate while, 98.1 % of male youth are literate aged (15-24) and 96% of female youth

Social organization in Saudi includes, nuclear family, extended family, dynamics of the family, Group behaviour, Social classes, Clubs, Race, ethnicity, subculture, Business customs, practices, Participation in patents, trademarks, and conventions. This similarity was reflected in a common Arabic language and in adherence to Sunni Wahhabi Islam. Generally, there family is the primary basis of identity, status for individual and immediate focus of individual loyalty, just as it was among those who recognized a tribal affiliation. Families formed alignments with other families sharing common interests, life-styles, and individuals often socialize within the circle alliances. A family business is established and run the members of the family, as the social welfare safety net for all of the extended family.

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country and as such Islam is the main religion, Islam is being practiced by almost 96% of the total native population in Saudi, Christianity is practiced by only 3.5% and Hinduism 0.6% of the total population. Most of the Saudi Arabians are followers of Sunni Islam. The approach being followed is strictly based on the Islamic laws as it is a country dominated with Muslim, they exhibit most of the Islamic rules, hence its being reflected in their way of lifestyle