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Every person who has ASD is different and the way in which their condition manifests itself is different. This makes providing for their needs problematic for practitioners in the educational environment as a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not provide them with opportunities for a truly inclusive education. It is evident that this creates enormous challenges for everyone involved in their education in a variety of different areas – cognitive development, social development and social interaction are all key elements of children’s learning which must be addressed in a systematic and clear manner for those who are diagnosed as having ASD. This requires dedication and application from both practitioners and parents to ensure that the children’s needs are recognised in the first instance, and subsequently catered for through the careful design and implementation of strategies which will enable them to find a place within the school community and society as a whole. It is important that everyone within the school environment/community is aware of the need to accept diversity in all its forms and that they are exposed to appropriate role models to demonstrate this attitude. This begins in classrooms, where teachers can foster tolerant attitudes towards those who experience difficulties and who are deemed to be ‘different’, and through a consistent application of the interventions that have been agreed with parents/carers and local authorities.


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