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在小学教数学和科学水平是一项具有挑战性的任务,因为学生的负面态度。教师教学时必须非常小心这个问题并确保他们鼓励学生在主题(Muschala J,Muschala G & Muschala E,2010)。他们必须确保使用所有可用的方法来鼓励学生,让他们相信,数学不是并不难。数学和科学是驾驶科目在大多数地区的现实情况为学生理解至关重要。由于数学和科学的重要性,提出了标准指导教师。这是由全国数学教师理事会制定(NCTM)和国家科学教育标准(ns)。标准旨在帮助教师应用最好的教学方法,帮助他们鼓励学生像科目。第一个标准国家教育系统应该是结构化的方式鼓励有效的教学和学习(Ediger 2003)。这意味着所有教师需要在教学应该利用他们。另一个标准的国家的态度和学习的学生是高度由他们老师的教学方法应用(Westaway 2007)。因此教师必须有能力与学生互动良好,教学方法的选择性,因为这决定了对学生的理解。第三个标准提供了教师的效率是由老师对理科的信念和态度。因此教师要有正确的态度,因为这将影响学生的学习。


Teaching mathematics and science in elementary level is a challenging task because of the negative attitude students have. Teachers must then be very careful when teaching this subject and ensure that they encourage students in the subject (Muschala J, Muschala G & Muschala E, 2010). They must ensure that they use all the techniques available to encourage students and make them believe that mathematics is not is not hard. Mathematics and science are the driving subjects in most areas of the real life situations thus it is essential for students to understand them.Due to the importance of mathematics and science, several standards have been put forward to guide teachers. Such are formulated by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and National Science Education Standards (NSES). The standards are aimed at helping teachers to apply the best teaching methods and aid them in encouraging students to like the subjects. The first standard states that the education system should be structured in a manner that encourages effective teaching and learning (Ediger 2003). This means that all that teachers require in teaching should be availed to them. Another standard states that attitude and the learning of the students is highly dictated by the teaching methods applied by their teachers (Westaway 2007). Teachers must therefore have the ability to interact with students well and be selective in the teaching methods since this determines the understanding of the students. The third standard provides that the efficiency of teachers is dictated by the beliefs and attitude a teacher has on science subjects. It is therefore important for teachers to have the right attitude since this will impact well on the learning of the students.


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