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The internet has become indispensable to our lives. The end is near and the future is bleak for high street shopping declares a leading industry in web design and web development solution. More than a decade ago, it was prophesied that the advent of the internet will kill off high street shops and this can be evidenced in the popularity of online shopping when it comes to categories like clothes, music, films, books and even food (Levene, 2012). The continued breakthrough in technology and subsequent reliance by consumers on technology is ‘rapidly reshaping’ high street shopping experience (Warman, 2013).It has been reported that in no time the “boundaries between the physical and virtual space” will soon become blurred which may lead to the closure of shops as we have known them in the near future (Kollewe, 2012). Further stressing this point, Kollewe (2012) states that, four out of ten shops will shut down in the next five years as consumers increasingly abandon the traditional way of shopping in favour of online shopping. Corc (2010) has pointed out that many high street stores have expanded and grown their market by making use of the opportunities the internet offers to expand and reach a whole new clientele. By having a high street store and also a virtual store, companies ‘get the best of both worlds’. By pushing and marketing their products online and also having them in a physical store, retailers can posture and position themselves and taking advantage of the increased demand for online shopping availability. By shopping online, consumers can conveniently purchase products at their own convenience in the comfort of their homes without having to leave their homes in search of high street stores. However, there are still consumers who like and actually enjoy going into high street stores. Corc (2010) states that for some of these consumers, who either shop online or go into physical stores to buy their products, any method of purchase basically boils down to ‘generation gap’ . This research will seek to review the decline of high street shopping as we know it and also seek to understand why in addition to the benefits and barriers of the rise of the online shopping experience. Solutions will be proffered to how both can exist and an in-depth exploration into the literature of key terms will be carried out. This research also seeks to add to the body of knowledge of the key terms.



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