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Our world has now become a global village, the time has long gone when it used to take several months to travel from one end of the world to the other, now distance is no more an issue and as distance has shortened the interaction between people from different cultures and societies have become more frequent strengthening the communication over the world. When interacting with people from all over the world, communication barrier is faced due to difference in language and since it is impractical to learn all the languages so we have one language known as International Language i.e. English which is spoken and understood by a large majority of people round the globe. Although it is the mother language of very few countries, it is taught and learned in the entire world since learning English has now become a necessity. Learning a new foreign language may not be an easy job especially it requires a lot of patience and practice but it can be made easier and the goal can be achieved quickly if the teaching style is made according to the learning style of an individual and this is what Strategic Inventory Learning Language is all about.


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