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是技术真的受益社会或是导致其灭亡?这是一个必须问自己的问题。每个人都在某种程度上受到技术的影响不管是坏的还是好的。这种经历的影响是什么样的?Mary Kolesnikova,作者的文章“OMG!如果笑,然后之处!”,解释了技术对社会的负面影响和沟通技巧,给现实生活中的例子是尴尬和可耻的。我一直在问如何拼写“这里”和“一”的高三学生,看到更多的你/你有/,/太混乱比同音手册”(Kolesnikova,623)。这些只是沟通技巧,已经受到影响。想象有多少领域可以影响。这只是因为滥用科技而丧失了许多能力之一。同样,这篇文章“没有技术作者Eric Brende?“没有问题”强调技术的使用,以及如何不应该成为生活的必需品,而不是必需的。许多人觉得并同意技术是我们社会的一大帮助,在我们的日常生活中发挥着重要作用。这是一个有效的点和技术是绝对有益于日常生活中,但当滥用它导致这些负面影响。由于社会不实际使用技术的事实,从八岁到五十岁的个人缺乏基本技能,每天需要。虽然技术的使用可能是有益的,在当今社会的必要性,如果不断滥用,将导致负面影响,造成缺乏日常所需的技能。


Is technology really benefitting society or just leading to its downfall? This is a question one must ask themselves. Everyone has in one way or another been affected by technology whether bad or good. What was the impact of that experience like? Mary Kolesnikova, author of the essay “OMG! If LOL, then KMN!”, explains the negative impacts technology has on society and its communication skills, giving real life examples of incidents that are embarrassing and shameful. “I’ve been asked how to spell “here” and “one” by high school seniors and seen more your/you’re, there/their, to/too mix-ups than homophone workbook” (Kolesnikova, 623). Those are only communication skills that have been affected. Imagine how many more areas it can have an influence on. This is just one of many capabilities which have gone down the drain due to the abuse of technology. Similarly, Eric Brende author of the essay “No Technology? No Problem” stresses the use of technology as well and how it should not be made a necessity in life and is not required. Many feel and agree that technology is a great helping hand in our society and plays a major role throughout daily lives. This is a valid point and technology is definitely beneficial in everyday lives, but when abused it leads to these negative impacts. Due to the fact of the society not using technology in a practical way, individuals from ages eight to fifty are lacking basic skills required on a daily basis. While the use of technology may be helpful and a necessity in society today, if continually abused, will lead to a negative impact causing a lack in everyday required skills.

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