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So based on the words of Odgers (2004), most organisation has two main sets of customers, the external and internal customers. External customers are the customers whose needs we traditionally think of servicing, because these customers are the persons or organisations that purchase and use the company’s products and services. Internal customers are identified as other people or departments within a company that rely on colleagues to provide the support they need to serve their own internal and external customers. It is important to take good care of the internal customers, as they are the representatives when dealing with company’s businesses and their level of performance is closely affected by how they were treated in the company.Therefore, it is important for us to take good care on both sides of the customers as they are considered to be the important people in order to have a good running business. Establishing the customer’s perception towards the product, services and quality is very important. In this case, it is the event of global warming, as it is important for the hotel to actually know what the customers are thinking. This is because if the customers’ perceptions towards the hotel are not good it would means that what the hotel are trying to send the message towards the customers are not being received well. If this incident occurs, customers are not aware if the hotels do have actually plan or already made any changes in order for the hotels to adapt on the impact of global warming.Customers’ perception does not only come from themselves, it could be affected by different channel or sources such as branding, friends or perhaps from word of mouth that are travelling around. The result of customers’ perception is from comparing their expectation with the experiences that they have.


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