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身体活动之间有一个关键环节和功能的能力。低水平的身体活动和越来越多的慢性疾病,往往与年龄增加可能会造成一个恶性循环中,疾病和disabilties减少体力活动水平进而对功能有不利影响的能力。因此体育运动可以预防许多负面影响老龄化的实用能力的老年人。下表所示突出研究表明老年人锻炼的好处(表1),这是更重要的是今天的数据。年代人口普查局表示。他们国家的人口超过65岁。从2010 – 2050年代将之55%。这将把更多的压力对社会的医疗成本如果不采取措施来提高总体水平的功能性在这个人口。这是测试的重要性是显而易见的。


Ageing is an exceedingly intricate and variable phenomenon. This is because not only do organisms of different species age at different rates, this rate of ageing varies within organisms of the same species.Throughout this process of ageing most organs experience “a decline in functional capacity and in their ability to maintain homeostasis” (WHO, 1998). This functional capacity is an extremely important entity as it allows older adults to manage independantly in the community and therefore raise the quality of their lives. Functional status can be defined as “a person’s ability to perform the activities necessary to ensure well being” (WHO, 1998). This is a relatively modern trend however with most traditional research on ageing being focussed on health and illness prevalence. This new found importance of functional testing was evident with the development of a scientific base for measuring functional status by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the U.S Commission of Chronic Illness.

There is a key link between physical activity and functional capacity.The lowered level of physical activity and the growing number of chronic diseases that often are associated with increasing age may create a vicious circle in which illnesses and disabilties reduce the level of physical activity which in turn has unfavourable effects on functional ability. Therefore physical activity can help to prevent many of the negative effects ageing has on functional ability in older people. This is shown in the table below highlighting research that shows the benefits of exercise in older adults (Table 1). This is even more important today when the figures from the U.S Census Bureau are noted. They state that the number of people over 65 years of age in the U.S will incease by 55% from 2010-2050. This will put more strain on society in terms of health care costs if nothing is done to improve the level of general functional fitness in this population. This is where the importance of testing is evident.