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Unlike the Islamic World, the European Political Culture is based on democratic constitutionalism and therefore the debate on the role of Islam in European societies doesn’t centre on constitutionalism issues. The war in the Middle East Post 9/11 has changed the entire outlook of the western community towards the Islam and rights of women have been substantially affected thereby. Contrary to the view, most survey, e.g. a Gallup poll in April 2007, show that Muslims are satisfied with the secular nature of Europe societies. However, the fact that Muslims in Europe adopt secular democratic norms doesn’t mean they will remove Islamic principles and legal rules that instruct their daily life. Post 9/11 European Muslims have highlighted the problematic nature of the European conception of Human Rights by arguing laws on the ban by French Government on any religious symbol, or the latest of prohibiting of burqa by Belgium, or the Swiss referendum to limit the construction of minarets. However, at the same time, recent trends show that due to complexities of Shari’a law women usually prefer jurisdiction under European Laws; and it is more sexually neutral and women advantageous. Thus this provides bridging between the two diverse legal systems with slow, invisible but affirmative adaptation of Muslim personal laws with European secular laws. In recent years, the concept of religious freedom has taken on new implication due to 9/11 attack [37] . Some European nations have responded to the controversies of identity and religious symbol with statutes that seek to promote a general sense of safety by limiting religious freedoms. [38] But largely that need to be understood is to where exactly are the conflicts taking the rights of women to.


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