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英国历史essay代写 参考生活水平工资


英国历史essay代写 参考生活水平工资

Additionally, referring to the standard of living wages are a crucial part of a society in determining whether it is suitable and ok for the average family to live in a society and community. Often in today’s society, you see that the poorer countries in the world have the people making a meagre wage compared to the rich countries. This was important in looking at the times between 1870-1920, as the salaries at the time were extremely low compared to the average cost of food and mandatory items required to live. In Canada, during the post-industrial era, there were not too many laws regarding the aspects of working and the wage people received. This shows how drastically harmful it was to the working men as they received very little money to support themselves and even worse to support a whole family since most cases the working men was the primary or only income the family had. Even though during the time the wages did increase the cost of accommodations just as fast, if not even quicker. Rents during Canada at the time went increased by 20-25%, and specifically, rents in Toronto went up 50%. Also, the food and fuel were already expensive and even more during the winter since during winter almost any food cannot be harvested.“A Kingston labourer, James Rushford, was adamant when he gave evidence to the Royal Commission on the relation between Labour and capital in 1888:’ A labourer who gets only $1.00 a day and has two or three small children cannot half support his children and clothe them the way he should, and he cannot pay school taxes and give them an education. There are hundreds of them that way”

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