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The greater Milwaukee area provides a wide array of health care services through its many hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Services range from primary preventative care to specialists and emergency level care. Aurora Health Care is one of Wisconsin’s largest health care provider systems. Aurora West Allis Medical Center is a non-profit urban hospital located in West Allis, Wisconsin. Aurora West Allis joined the greater Aurora Health Care system in 1995, which now encompasses 13 hospitals and over 140 clinics, and has since become an integral piece of the network. In being a non-profit organization, the hospital is eligible to receive government grants and philanthropic donations but is unable to accept private investments or trade stock shares.

A mission statement should be succinct and convey the essence of an organization’s purpose and direction. It should address the organization’s primary stakeholders, be socially relevant, contain measurable criteria, and serve as a guide to decision making. As stated on the Aurora Health Care website, the mission of Aurora is to:

Promote health, prevent illness and provide state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment, whenever and wherever we can best meet people’s individual and family needs. We are committed to improving the quality of health care and health outcomes through the rapid and broad application of knowledge. We are also engaged in the education of health care professionals and the ongoing quest for new knowledge through medical research to contribute to the quality of health care in the future. Because we recognize the personal nature of health care services, we are committed to creating environments the meet the diverse physical, emotional, spiritual, social and economic needs of our patients and clients, as well as the people who serve them. We are concerned with the overall welfare of our communities, and we recognize that there are limits to the resources people can invest in health care. Working together, the people of Aurora are determined not only to provide services of the highest quality, but also to make those services affordable and accessible to every person in every community we serve (Aurora Health Care).

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