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Communication is neither the message transmitted also no message itself. This is mutual understanding, exchange receiver. The communication needs in business must be effective. Communication is the essence of management. The basic functions of management (planning, organization, staffing, guidance and control), can not be good, there is no effective communication. Business communication involves constant flow of information. The feedback of business communication is an integral part in a communication. Organizations these days is very large. It is the number of people involved. Organizations at all levels in the hierarchy. Greater number of levels, the more difficult is the work of the management organization. The communication process command and control organization plays a very important role. You can get instant feedback and misunderstanding in a large organization. There should be between superiors and sub​​-organizations, organizations and society (for example, between management and trade unions) to communicate effectively. This is the key to an organization’s success and growth. In any organization, the communication gap is not supposed to happen.


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