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尽管网上购物似乎越来越多,消费者对网上购物动机的兴趣也越来越浓厚,但这方面的研究相对较少。Zhang et al(2007)的研究也支持了这一观点,该研究认为“网络购物环境仍然代表着一种相对较新的、基本未开发的营销渠道。”张晓刚的这一假设十分有力,因为它暴露了消费者对网购动机理解上的巨大差距。然而,这项研究有一个很大的局限性,那就是它只关注大学生作为调查对象。该研究也非常关注冲动购买行为,而不是消费者的在线购物动机,这是其分析的关键问题。在详细介绍研究工作中讨论的一些消费者动机之前,应该指出,互联网的接入和使用已经有了相当大的增长,这在组织的营销和沟通方面创造了一个重要的市场。网上购物一直在增长,而组织则更注重开发在线渠道,以获取更大份额的消费者钱包。


Despite the seemingly increasing growth of online shopping and also the increased interest in consumer motivations for online shopping, there has relatively not been much research in this area. This thought is supported as well by the research of Zhang et al (2007) which stated as a premise the “online shopping environment s still representing a comparatively new, and largely unexplored, marketing channel.” The premise of Zhang is hard-hitting as it exposes a large gap in the understanding of consumers’ motivations for online shopping. However, the research does have a major limitation in that the research focused only on college students as its respondents. The research was also very focused on impulse purchasing behaviours, and not consumer motivations for online shopping, as its key issue for analysis.Before going in detail in some of the consumer motivations discussed in research works, it should be noted that there has been considerable growth in Internet access and usage, and this has created a significant market in marketing and communications of organisations . Online shopping has been growing and organisations have been focusing more on developing the online channel to capture a greater share of the wallet of the consumer.


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