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作为一名教师,我的目标是帮助我的学生理解为什么他们要学习一些东西,以及它将如何帮助他们实现他们的终生目标。我想激励我的学生,让他们被一个有趣的学习氛围所包围。我认为学生学习的最好方式就是让话题变得有趣。在教学中,我计划鼓励我的学生参与。我想召集所有的学生,让他们参与讲座,即使他们很害羞。我想鼓励所有的学生思考我问他们的问题,并试着做出有根据的猜测。如果他们错了,我想让他们知道犯错是正常的,有时候这就是学习过程的全部。在我的课堂上,学生们不应该害怕表达自己。我个人的教学和学习哲学是基于许多不同的理论,以便为我的学生提供最好的教学策略。我认为,与时俱进地学习不同的教学理念是一个好主意,并且一直在研究关于教学和学习的新理论。我的学习理论是关于孩子如何学习最好的学校是通过认知学习。我相信孩子们通过思想、经验和感觉学得最好。我也相信,学生在学校、老师、甚至同龄人中越有积极性,就会帮助他们学习得更好,掌握他们所学的技能。对孩子来说,培养一种学习的热情是很重要的,因为他们有这样做的动机。在学校的发展过程中,有很多的理论和方法来看待学生的学习方式。我的教学策略的两个理论家是Lev Vygotsky和Jean Piaget。


As a teacher, my goal will be to help my students make that connection as to why they are learning something and how it will help them with their life-long goals. I want to motivate my students and surround them by a fun learning atmosphere. I believe that the best way students will learn is by making the topic enjoyable. When teaching a lesson, I plan to encourage my students in participating. I want to call on all of my students and have them involved in the lecture, even if they are bashful. I want to encourage all of my students to just think about what I am asking them and just try to come up with an educated guess. If they are wrong I want them to know that it is okay to be wrong sometimes that is what the learning process is all about. Students should not have any fear with expressing themselves in my classroom.My personal philosophy of teaching and learning is based upon many different theories in order to incorporate the best teaching strategies as possible for my students. I believe it is a good idea to stay up to date with the different philosophies of teaching and always do research on new theories about teaching and learning. My learning theory on how children learn the best in school is through cognitive learning. I believe that children learn best through thought, experience and senses. I also believe that the more motivated students are in school, by their teacher and even their peers, it will help them learn better and master the skill they are learning. It is important for children to develop a passion for learning in school by having the motivation to do so. There are many theories and ways to view the way students learn best during their development in school. The two theorists who I base my teaching strategies off of are Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget.


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