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1) According to Mullins, when we start believing that we are merely products of evolution, we will be forever bound to the genes that we inherited from our parents. We would be limited that our genes have given to us and we would be stuck with it even though it is not our choice. Due to that, we would be told what we should do with our life because of our inheritance and would be not able to aspire for higher ideals. If that is the case, we would not be any far different from our parents as we would be to any products made in the factories. It is as if our life was already determined on the day that we were still an infant. We would be no different than any Nike shoes that were manufactured by the factory as we were born to be used for other people’s gains and disposed of when we are worn out. Nonetheless, we would be seen as ‘products’ which we were born for a purpose of fulfilling for what our favorable traits are good for. There would no longer be a purpose to our life. Everyone can no longer be seen as a unique person and we are only judged by our favorable traits that was been fixed in our genes. As time passes by, the only thing we can pass down to the next generation would be our genes to them and not our culture and ways of life.

2) The phrase “that we are responsible to be free” means that we have the rights to choose who want to be and what do we want to do with our life. Unlike the evolution theory which states that our life is determined by the inheritable genes from our parents and we would be bounded by it. The phrase indicates that humans have a choice to choose what they would want to be and with that, a person can signify their existence because of the choices of the actions that he/she chooses. Every actions that we do and every choices that we make would be our responsibility as it would determine our existence in life. Whereas those who believe in evolution have no choice to be who they want to be but only can become what they are born to be. The phrase also allows humans to chase their dreams with hard work because we are ‘responsible’ to be who we want to be. We can aspire to do other things without determining our traits. For example, Tyrone Bogues a famous retired NBA (National Basketball Association) player with the height of 5 feet 3 inches is considered one of the shortest players in the league which have many achievements. Although, Bogues does not have the inherited traits of height from his parents but he is still able to aspire his dream in playing basketball in the national league next to all the giants.

Unlike evolution, we are confined to do what we do best at. Life would be more mysterious as there are abundant of choices that we can do with our life. Although life would be more mysterious, it would be more meaningful as we slowly develop our individual in the society rather than being seen as a product to do what our favorable traits are good for and something to be disposed of later.