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But we need to develop other fuels for vehicles that use ground fuels derived from oil at the earliest possible opportunity. We have not done enough efforts in this regard; problem is we do not do what is necessary. We still do not approach the issue with the seriousness required. ”The reason for our need for alternative forms of energy to ground transport such as cars and trains is the lack of models of vehicles until the aircraft that use alternative energy. There are no many options in this regard in the present. May become an effective source of hydrogen and capable of growth. However, currently requiring greater amounts of energy to convert it into fuel than those provided by us. Mast believes that the wave of the future will not be traveling in cars or planes divine the ultrasonic high speed, flying from New York to Sydney in two hours, but movement in the electric cars.Says Mast: “hybrid cars working with electricity will have batteries larger enable the car from a distance of 100 km. Then you’ll be able re-shipped from your home. Studies have shown that most people do not drive their cars for more than 100 km per day. This means that it would bethe average person can use fuels not derived from oil in several days. But these hybrid cars will be equipped with operating electric tank of gasoline so that one can switch to if the need to travel for more than 100 kilometers. ”These vehicles like hybrid cars available in the market now. It will be more expensive but will not use gasoline at all. But if we start to use electric-powered cars, we will need to generate more electricity. This means: more fuel to generate more electricity. We’ll need to support network for electric cars because they can not go the same distance traveled by the vehicle fuel derived from oil.


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