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厄瓜多尔可以调整全国儿童中心的方法和内容。在改革进程之后,厄瓜多尔将准备好迎接一个具有牢固教育结构的未来,这一结构将允许对前几代人的新一代进行变革,这将是一场教育革命,其主角是幼儿园儿童,即芬兰教育系统。除了教育制度的改革之外,厄瓜多尔的另一项必要的改变是人人接受素质教育,这意味着任何人都可以独立于经济或社会状况接受教育。教育体制改革的最后一步是为幼儿园学生提供面向教育世界的技能和习惯。根据William Doyle(2016)的研究,芬兰学校的孩子们不仅获得了数学、语言和科学的基础知识。芬兰儿童通过以游戏为基础的学前班和幼儿园学习,这种方法被用来教授第二语言,艺术,物理教育,伦理,以及其他人之间的交流。这种学习是必要的,因为儿童将能够发展集中力和认知焦点(第21段)。这些基础将允许学生通过他们的教育旅程学术进步。


Ecuador can restructure the methodologies and contents of children’s centers throughout the country. After the process of restructuring Ecuador will be ready for a future with a solid educational structure that will allow a change with respect to the new generation to the previous generations, would be an educational revolution that has as a protagonist the kindergarten children as Finnish educational system. Besides the restructuration of the educational system, the other necessary change in Ecuador would be education of quality for everyone, it means that whoever can receive education independent from the economic or social situation.The final step of the restructuring in the educational system is to provide kindergarten students with skills and habits oriented and related to the educational world. According to William Doyle (2016), children in Finnish schools not only receive basic knowledge in math, language and science. Finnish children through learning-through-play-based preschools and kindergartens, this method is used to teach second languages, arts, physic education, ethics, between others. This kind of learning is necessary because children will be able to develop concentration and cognitive focus (para.21). These fundaments will allow to students an academic progress through their educational journey.


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