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伊斯兰化可以被描述为将伊斯兰社会和政治风格强加于一个对伊斯兰教有更复杂理解的社会。在巴基斯坦,伊斯兰化是由齐亚·乌尔·哈克于20世纪70年代提出的。动荡的现状可以追溯到1970年代末,当通用Zia Ul Haq的崛起和他后来的“伊斯兰化”计划导致了大规模最重要的事件即发生在伊朗伊斯兰革命其次俄罗斯入侵阿富汗巴基斯坦的邻居。在巴基斯坦,教育是通过两种媒介获得的。它可以通过宗教教育或私立/公立学校获得。宗教教育是在宗教学校里进行的,在那里,个人被教授布尔勒玛。Madaris主要教育国家教育系统忽视的儿童。大约有2000万人没有上学。穷人大多买不起制服、书籍、用品和交通费用。由于教育水平低,许多孩子被迫离开学校。此外,教师的缺勤率也很高。公共教育系统还面临着其他各种各样的问题。宗教学院或宗教机构的作用在巴基斯坦已经随着时间的推移而改变。伊斯兰学校已经从一个保护伊斯兰教义和知识不受西方和殖民政治影响的地方变成了一个被政治力量用来动员的地方。


Islamization can be described as the imposition of an Islamist social and political style on a society with a more mixed understanding of Islam. In Pakistan islamization was brought by Zia ul Haq in 1970s. Much of the turmoil in the present situation can be dated back to the late 1970s, when General Zia Ul Haq’s rise to power and his subsequent “Islamization” plan led to the most important events i.e. the large scale Islamic Revolution that took place in Iran and secondly the Russian invasion of Pakistan’s neighbor Afghanistan.In Pakistan education is acquired through two mediums. It can be obtain through religious education or private/government schools. Religious education is acquired in Madrassas where individuals are taught bu Ullema. Madaris largely educate children who are neglected by the national educational system. Around 20 million populations do not attend school. The poor can mostly not afford the cost of uniforms, books, supplies, and transportation expenses. Many children are forced to leave school due to poor education standards. Moreover, the absenteeism of teachers is also very high. There are a variety of other problems being faced by the public education system.The role of Madrassas or religious institution has changed in Pakistan over time. The madrassas have been altered from a place to preserve Islamic teachings and knowledge from the influence of the west and the colonial politics to a place that is used for the purpose of mobilization by political forces.


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