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The conflict between moral order and chaos is an important notion that shows the social hierarchy and civilisation. In the opening scene with the chaos of the storm, it foreshadows upheaval and chaos. It also reinforces the idea of corruption of moral/social order, with which it must be inverted to harmony, peace, restitution and forgiveness.The shipwreck in Act 1 shows how the Boatswain rejects the social authority order and commands the King and Noblemen, as if of higher power/status. This change of power foreshadows trouble yet it also shows the control he has over the ship. It is a time whereby, social rank does not exist and that despite their rank they are still subjected to nature. This also brings up the themes of Art versus Nature and the transitions of two different worlds.Trinculo and Stephano may be constructed as fools but they are still constantly endeavouring to change their fate, wishing to take over the island and initiating actions that will bring this about. But as Caliban sought to retain his individuality and freedom he again falls into the same mistake and reorients himself into this new hierarchy. Stephano and Trinculo seem to grow in power and authority by reducing Caliban to their state of drunkenness. His mock-kingship is a shadow of his former sovereignty on the island, and it proves Prospero’s view of him correct; a natural servant. This inversion of moral order seems places Stephano and Trinculo on the top of the social hierarchy, being “king o’th’isle”.


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