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Tata’s main motivation in making this acquirement was based on the fact that they would be now able to outsource their products to many countries globally. Other than taking technology from these two brands Tata intended to use their strong markets so that they can introduce their other brands in those areas where these two brands have already penetrated and established in a bit to expand their market a bit more.As highlighted above Tata wanted to build a name outside India and hence make its presence felt in India. Most of it brands had only established a strong market in India and hence not particularly popular in the global market. Tata therefore capitalized on its desire to establish a greatly diversified line up of auto mobiles as this acquisition helped it up grade since it now recognizes as one of the manufactures that owns the cheapest car to some of the world’s most expensive models. Apart from this Tata gained in terms of new technological know-how and all the viable networks that can come as a log with is such a chance hence as earlier stated it will be able to penetrate the global market and hence compete with other manufactures who have already embraced latest technology (Bhabatosh, 2010). On top of this Tata would also be able to upgrade its old products that it has been offering in the blooming local or home market. In addition to using the companies technology Tata will also use its facilities of production to make desirable improvements in its trucks and cars. Though the acquisition will cost Tata Company an approximate of $1 Billion it would actualize Tata’s dream to go international band hence become one of the first brand in India to make global products hence its business will achieve diversity overseas.


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