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According to The ACRS Research Team 2010, different types of consumer have different behaviour. Firstly, the value consumers are those who spend their money wisely and smartly by focusing on what they need instead of what they want. Therefore the product must be worth for its cost.Secondly, the busy consumers are those who simply seek for convenience, speed and simplicity, as time is the most valuable thing to them. And the green consumers are those who are more concerned about environment. This type of consumers is environmental friendly consumers and they are willing to spend more to go green. They also gain some advantages such as traveling less to reach the product. Also there are also the bored consumers who are exposed and buried by various choices as the number of advertisements and promotions are increasing rapidly today. They tend to seek for a more unique products and services. And lastly, the digital consumers are those who are spend most of their time interacting through internet. The sources that could be found through internet improvise the way consumers approach retailers, and they are clear with what they are looking for.


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