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像Ferriera(2018)这样的研究人员为IPA个体分析及其作为个体经验检验方法的优势辩护。事实上,IPA的目的性设计试图解决两个具体的目标:一是理解和交流参与者的经验,二是在更广泛的社会和文化背景下对现象学的解释。就学究而言,在美国公立学校,LD学生不断选择不上外语课的现象。反过来,受访者提供的个人信息也被接受,这些信息是按地点价值获取的(Ferriera, 2018)。虽然在IPA的个体分析中发现了人类状况的共同感觉,但与这种方法方法相关的深入提问的水平必须仔细检查,以免偏离轨道和冲淡。在Reid(2005)中,与个体学相关的特异性被提及,因为它关注的是“特定的”而不是普遍的。同样,研究人员应该致力于详细而彻底的分析。里德强调了对深层理解的承诺是如何创造了一种理解经验现象是如何从个人的角度而不是一般环境中被接受的自然过程的。虽然不排斥广义的思想,但广义思想的发展是谨慎的。


Researchers like Ferriera (2018) defend IPA idiography and its strengths as a method to examine participant experiences individually. Indeed, the purposeful design of IPA seeks to address two specific aims: one, to understand and communicate the experience(s) of the participants involved and two, to provide an interpretation of the phenomenological account as it is viewed within a wider social and cultural context. In the case of the scholar-practitioner, the phenomenon of LD students opting out of foreign language class on a continual basis within US public schools. In turn, there is an acceptance of the personal information provided by the interviewees that are taken at place value (Ferriera, 2018). Though there is a shared sense of the human condition found with IPA idiography, the level of in-depth questioning that is associated with this methodological approach must be scrutinized so not to veer off track and become watered down.In Reid (2005), specificity associated with idiography is mentioned, as it concerns itself with the “particular” instead of the universal. Again, researchers should commit to the detailed analysis that is thorough. Reid highlights how commitment to deep understanding creates a natural progression of understanding how experiential phenomena is received from the perspective of an individual instead of a general context. While generalized ideas are not rejected, the development of generalized ideas is developed in a cautious manner.


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