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新航多年来建立了一个非常强大的品牌和声誉。它已被公认为航空工业领导新潮的人,主要谈到创新,卓越的服务和安全。新加坡航空的主要股东是新加坡政府,新航一直收到大量来自政府的支持。它的操作系统也称为父时航空公司新加坡航空集团公司。新加坡女孩最大的进行,已经由新航和优秀的服务质量的一个象征,航空公司提供给它的客户。Yap金正日华先生,新加坡航空的高级副总裁负责产品和服务,解释说“我们有一个高信誉的服务,这意味着当有人苍蝇与我们有很高的期望。但我们仍希望他们离开说‘哇!这是不寻常的。””(Wirtz &Jonston,2001)。从创新的角度新航是第一个航空公司想出了各种食物的想法,可以提供给客户乘坐经济舱。

新航经历多年来一直很好认出itsA地面服务。公司一直是已知的论坛提供优越的服务和他们完全实现它通过构建一个强大的网络拥有子公司和合资公司在餐饮等行业提供详细业务支持,终端管理、飞机维修。子公司是主要的管理作为一个独立实体和itA不得不建议ordersA母公司。在几个核心领域排名第一。的主要群体之一是新加坡航空公司的终端服务(sat)。它mailny包括服务,如餐饮、行李处理,等。sat是世界上其中之一厨房位于樟宜国际机场。樟宜国际机场是世界上最好的机场之一,有能力和技能提供行李的客人10分钟后到来。在企业层面,新航遵循相关多元化战略。新加坡航空公司集团36直接子公司和联营公司(新加坡航空公司,2008)。新航网站是业内最先进的和用户友好的,客户可以检查时间表,买票,检查飞行,管理他们的飞行常客(Doganis 2006)。


Over the years SIA has built a very strong brand name and reputation. It has been recognized as a trend-setter in the aviation industry, mainly when it comes to innovation, service excellence and safety. The main shareholder of SIA is the Government of Singapore, SIA has always received a lot of support from the government. It os also known as the parent airline when it comes to the Singapore Airline Group of Companies. The Singapore girl has been one of the biggest campaingns that has been performed by SIA and is a symbol of the excellent service quality that the airline provides to its customers. Mr Yap Kim Wah, SIA’s Senior Vice President responsible for Product and Service, explained “We have a high reputation for service and that means that when someone flies with us they come with high expectations. But still we want them to come away saying ‘Wow! That was something out of the ordinary’.”(Wirtz &Jonston, 2001). From the innovation point of view SIA was one of the first airlines that came up with the idea of a variety of meals that could be offered to the customers travelling by the economy class.

SIA throught the years has been very well recognized for its ground services. The company has always been known for providing superior services and they achieved it by building a strong network of completely owned subsidiaries and joint ventures to provide operational support in sectors such as catering, terminal management, and aircraft maintenance. The subsidiaries were majorly managed as an independent entities and it had to proposal for orders from the parent company. In several core areas they were ranked as number one. One of the chief groups was The Singapore Airlines Terminal Services (SATS).  It mailny included services such as catering, baggage handling, etc. SATS are one of the hugest kitchens in the world located at the Changi International Airport. The Changi International Airport is one of the best airports in the world, that has the ability and skills to provide the baggage to the guests after 10 minutes of arrival. At the corporate level, SIA follows a strategy of related diversification. The Singapore Airline Group has 36 direct subsidiaries and associated companies (Singapore Airlines, 2008). SIA’s website is one of the most advanced and user friendly in the industry, where customers can check schedules, buy tickets, check into a flight, manage their frequent flyer (Doganis 2006).

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