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当地的定居者使用刀耕火种等方法破坏土壤的肥力(Rettig, and Hack, 2005)。东南亚大陆的征服归功于新的农业方法。欧洲人想要把他们的耕作方法融入到当地人现在的传统耕作方法中去。此外,他们实施的方法涉及到现代灌溉系统,这将使水稻产量上升。灌溉计划包括挖沟和梯田。此外,他们想用大米来补充猪、山羊、鸭子和鸡的饲料。综上所述,本文提供了欧洲征服模式之间的比较信息。位于东南亚的大陆和岛屿的殖民化主要是在16世纪完成的。欧洲人殖民东南亚地区的原因有很多。诱人的香料贸易是主要原因。其他原因与基督教的传播和农业创新有关。当地人使用传统的方法耕种。欧洲人看到了增产的潜力。结果,他们最终征服了这些土地。


the native settlers used methods such as slash-and-burn which interfered with the fertility of the soil (Rettig, and Hack, 2005). The conquest of the mainland of Southeast Asia was attributed to the new agricultural methods. The Europeans wanted to incorporate their farming methods into the present traditional farming methods of the natives. Furthermore, the method they are to implement concerns the modern irrigation system which will see a rise in the rice production. The irrigation scheme was to include the digging of trenches and terraces. Furthermore, they wanted to use the rice to supplement some of the feeds for the pigs, goats, ducks and chicken. To sum up, the paper has provided information on the comparison that exists between the patterns of European conquests. The colonization of the mainland and islands located in Southeast Asia was largely done in the 16th century. There are many reasons as to why the Europeans colonized the regions of Southeast Asia. The alluring spice trade was the primary reason. Other reasons concern the spread of Christianity and agricultural innovation. The native farmed using methods considered traditional. The Europeans saw the potential to increase their production. As a result, they ended up conquering these lands.


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