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教育应是在精神、道德、文化、社会、身体和精神发展方面向儿童提供指导的手段,而这些指导又应提供平等的机会、正义、获得民主的机会,对每个人都和富有成效的和可持续的经济国家Curriculumsets出表示目的,应该鼓励学生发展持久的价值观,培育诚信而帮助他们发展成自主负责任的公民能够对社会做出积极的贡献,他们的生活。课程应该为学生提供机会,让他们反思周围人的信仰体系和文化,同时培养他们的自我意识,以及对多样性的尊重和宽容。个人、健康、社会和经济教育(PSHE)是实现这一目标的合适课程领域,这一观点得到了教育部最近进行的审查的认可(DfE, 2015)。本文指出,深入审查了超过70人的研究发现,这些经验可以有利于学生在各种各样的结果如果有一个连贯的、普遍的方法向社会、情感和行为发展的学生而且,朗格弗德et al .(2014)国家共同努力促进健康和福祉在学校有一个明显的积极影响等问题上吸烟、欺凌、饮食和运动。这篇文章的目的是看看PSHE在课程中的地位,以及它(作为一个学科领域/概念)对学校生活的影响。


Education should be the means through which children are provided with guidance with regard to spiritual, moral, cultural, social, physical and mental development which should, in turn, provide equality of opportunity, justice, access to democracy, and a productive and sustainable economy for everyone The National Curriculumsets out the expressed aim that pupils should be encouraged to develop enduring values which foster integrity whilst helping them to develop into autonomous responsible citizens who are able to make an active contribution to the society in which they live. The curriculum should provide opportunities for students to reflect upon the belief systems and culture of those around them, while simultaneously developing their sense of self, as well as a sense of respect and tolerance for diversity . The notion that Personal, Health, Social and Economic Education (PSHE) is the appropriate curriculum area through which this might be delivered is endorsed by the recent review conducted by the Department for Education (DfE, 2015). This document states that an in-depth review of over 70 studies found that these lessons could benefit pupils across a diverse range of outcomes if there was a coherent, universal approach towards the social, emotional and behavioural development of students Furthermore, Langford et al. (2014) state that concerted efforts to promote health and well-being within schools had a demonstrable positive effect on issues such as smoking, bullying, diet and exercise. The aim of this essay is to look at the place of PSHE in the curriculum and the influence that this (as a subject area/concept) can have upon the life of a school.


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