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The running of adult education is a massive industry of huge significance to the UK. As rivalry increments in the industry it will turn out to be progressively imperative to take part in wide-ranging customer research. In this way this research was intended to test the observations and encounters of adult learners on a further education course. The research uncovered a few issues that assumed a part in their choice to study. The most alluring bait was the chance to gain a qualification. Further inspirations included local further training, chance to create and enhance basic skills it was uncovered by those individuals who left school with no formal skills.In addition, the results likewise uncovered that learners were inspired to learn for own development. They saw learning process as an experience which developed them personally and mentally. They are happy about new ways of thinking and moving themselves into the digital age, which empowers development and freedom. For a few adult learners, this was their first time into adult education. They felt an increase in self-assurance and pride in what they have accomplished. Adult learners look at a bigger picture, seeing learning as a long haul asset in professional success and deep rooted self-awareness. Adding to their point was they see education as mode to expand and develop their ability for thinking and acting locally and nationally so as to improve the capability of their life directions.


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