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其他因素(如年龄、性别和社会经济)在决定学习结果方面往往更重要(参见Christenson和Sheridan, 2001),因此,在基础阶段和关键阶段的教学中使用的方法相对来说并不重要。在这些阶段,确实在孩子的教育,重要的是孩子的学习过程是通过一个适当的评估孩子的能力和首选的学习风格,通过这个,孩子的教学尝试在尽可能的个人基础,裁剪的特殊学习需要孩子所需的特定学习成果。这是因为这个年龄的孩子都有个人的学习需求,以及他们偏爱的学习方式,是基于他们特定的发展阶段和其他外部因素,这些因素影响着孩子学习的好坏以及孩子必须学习的动机(Bransford et al., 1999)。理想情况下,一个孩子的学习应该是适合孩子们学习最好的风格(是这个“游戏为主”或“正式”),以促进孩子的学习:在这个时代,然而,目标是更重要的比这个基本事实,所以这通常是不可能的在英国政府的背景下学校,更感兴趣的测试比开发教学计划适合孩子的个人学习需求。因此,在这种情况下,父母比以往任何时候都更有责任让他们的孩子接受教育。


other factors (such as age, gender and socioeconomic) are often more important in determining learning outcomes (see Christenson and Sheridan, 2001) and that, as such, the methods that are employed in teaching children at Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are relatively unimportant. At these stages, and indeed throughout the child’s education, what is important is that the child’s own learning process is enabled through an adequate assessment of children’s abilities and preferred style of learning and, through this, that the teaching of children is attempted on as individual a basis as possible, tailoring the specific learning needs of the child to the specific learning outcomes that are desired. This is because children of this age all have individual learning needs, and preferred styles of learning, based on their specific developmental stage and other, external, factors that influence how well the child learns and how much motivation the child has to learn (Bransford et al., 1999). A child’s learning should, ideally, be fitted to the style through which the child learns best (be this ‘play-based’ or ‘formal’), to facilitate the child’s learning: in this day and age, however, targets are more important than this fundamental truth, and so this is often not possible in the context of Government-run UK schools, which are more interested in testing than developing teaching plans suited to children’s individual learning needs. In this context, thus, more than ever before, parents have a shared responsibility to enable their child’s education.


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