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Teaching resources are all materials that are used to facilitate in teaching and learning process. They can be divided into three forms which each has different functions and advantages. The first form of material is printed materials such as books, module or workbooks, worksheets, help the beginner teachers to cover and design each lesson carefully in detail. They also give all the plans and lessons that teachers need to present the topic in some details. Moreover, printed material can be used in any location or bring everywhere. Nonprinted materials like audio and video materials have their own advantages such as; inexpensive materials, since nonprinted materials have already prepared by the teachers and students should not buy it. There are materials that comprise both print and nonprint such as materials from internet which is also have some advantages. Internet provides many materials in a form of audio, text, picture, graphic and video. Students only need to access on the internet pages suggested by the teachers and follow the instruction. It was quite easy for school which provides internet access


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