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Data generated from the students and teachers shows that the connection between competitive education, the system of examinations and stress seems to be a near truism. Some students candidly admitted that competition places so much importance to academic achievement that in order to bear the brunt of the ordeal, they often resort to cheating. Other competitive tactics include concealing one’s own goals and interests, being hostile, denigrating or challenging others, criticizing, bullying or verbal aggressiveness. Tactics that are used to deal with competition are unquestionably unscrupulous and this is where competition can be seen to have slid into a destructive scenario. And this is when competition can prove to be more harmful than helpful as the environment that is created does not give due importance to basic values such as kindness, compassion and sincerity. These qualities are being less and less embodied in career pursuits and in personal relationships while selfish and arrogant patterns of behavior are glorified. These findings comply with Gandhi’s arguments about how competition breeds egoism and immorality.


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